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Let's Panic: The Book!

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How to Endure and Possibly Triumph Over the Adorable Tyrant
who Will Ruin Your Body, Destroy Your Life, Liquefy Your Brain,
and Finally Turn You
into a Worthwhile
Human Being.

Written by Alice Bradley and Eden Kennedy

Some Books
I'm In...

Sleep Is
For The Weak

Chicago Review Press

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Let's Panic

The site that inspired the book!

At LET'S PANIC ABOUT BABIES, Eden Kennedy and I share our hard-won wisdom and tell you exactly what to think and feel and do, whether you're about to have a baby or already did and don't know what to do with it.

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A Year of Writing

When: January 6 2014 - December 22 2014

How: Each Monday for 51 weeks, you'll receive an email containing a lesson and an exercise or activity for the week.

What: Instruction, inspiration, prompts, recommended reading.

Who: Fiction and creative nonfiction writers who want to deepen their understanding of the writing craft.

How much: Suggested price of $200 USD


Registration is now closed.


About the teacher:


I've been an editor and writer for over twenty years, and a blogger since 2004. I received my B.A. in English Literature from Wellesley College, where I received the Johanna Mankiewicz Davis Prize for Prose Fiction. I have an M.F.A. from The New School, with a concentration in fiction. I've had fiction and nonfiction published in numerous magazines, journals, and anthologies, including The Best Creative Nonfiction, Fence Magazine, Berkeley Fiction Review, Pank, and The Sun. I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in nonfiction in 2009, and in 2013 I was nominated for fiction. I'm also the co-author of Let's Panic About Babies, published by St. Martin's Press in 2011, which Kirkus Reviews called "outrageously humorous." I love teaching almost as much as I love writing.

What past students of The Practice of Writing have to say:


"All these ideas and stories came into being because of you stepping out and teaching us, showing us the way.
I'm sure you make each and every one of us feel like a writer, a good writer, and that's great. You gave us wings."

— Dorothy R.

"I wanted to thank you for putting together a great class. I am thrilled to find myself writing again. The way you did things really worked for me. The prompts unlocked all kind of ideas and memories, got me past some blocks, inspired me to try new things and return to some old ones."

— Laurie K.

"I loved the class. I'm SO glad I followed my gut instinct to take it. I feel I got great instruction, practical ideas, and that there is a wealth of information to sustain me for probably years to come. This is a resource I will continue to come back to. I also quite unexpectedly received a boost in my writing confidence, and that was the spark I needed to be able to sit down and finally get some of these ideas out on paper."

— Laurie L.

"You, Alice, are an amazing writer, teacher and person. Thank you."

— Jill V.

"Your class was awesome.  One of my favorite things I did for myself in 2012.  Thanks so much!"

— Erin R.

And more testimonials...

"That Alice is a gifted writer and humorist is obvious. But her talent as a teacher is what has made such a difference to me. Her perspectives on work ethic, routing around fear and anxiety, being honest...they go beyond the usual philosophizing and 'follow your bliss' generalities. Alice makes me open my eyes, sharpen my focus, smile, and then get back to work."

— Asha Dornfest, Founder of Parent Hacks and author of Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less.

"Alice Bradley's wit and wisdom constantly inspire me — her insight has helped me at the beginning, middle, and end of projects. I can't recommend working with her highly enough."

— Jessie Sholl, author of Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother's Compulsive Hoarding

"Alice Bradley is one of the funniest, smartest writers I know, so when I was lucky enough to attend a workshop led by her a few years ago, I admit I walked into the room considerably intimidated.  I needn't have worried:  she warmly and willingly shared her own challenges with writing, empathized with our insecurities about the writing process, and encouraged us to take the leap into our own creativity.  Alice is both brilliant and approachable: a rare and awesome combination."

— Karen Walrond, author of The Beauty of Different

From Readers:

"You have such a smart, funny voice, and it makes the difficult mental barriers we hit up against seem manageable and worth confronting. "
— Rachel

"WOW! I am sitting here in tears. I have been floundering for weeks, fighting the things I KNOW I have to change, working hard at not taking the leap of faith to start really living. I had set up Labor Day as the end. Tomorrow my life changes, my world gets moving.

Please keep doing what you are doing. You have been an inspiration."

"I needed someone to say these things to me, and remind me not to get so caught up in navel-gazing and self-criticism that I just stop working on my art. You are amazing!"

— Maggie



A Year of Writing

This class is for aspiring writers, or writers who feel like they need a tune-up of their craft. Maybe you want to write but you're not sure where or how to start. Or you're an experienced writer, but you'd enjoy exploring the nuts and bolts of what makes writing work.

How does the course work?

Every Monday from January 6 to December 22, you'll receive an email containing a lesson on a specific writing topic, along with a suggested activity or exercise. You may also receive recommendations for further reading (or viewing) depending on the week.

What are the lessons about?

Every month will cover a different subject.

January: Ideas

February: Plot and theme

March: Character


May: Dialogue

June: Language and setting

July: Point of view

August: Pacing

September: Beginnings and endings

October: Revising

November: Sending out your work

December: Finding community


Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in writing fiction or creative nonfiction, at any level of experience. 

How is a Year of Writing different from your last course, The Practice of Writing?

The Practice of Writing helped students overcome their fears and bad habits and establish a daily writing practice. A Year of Writing focuses on the nuts and bolts of what makes fiction or creative nonfiction work. Also, because this course is a year long, I'll delve more deeply into each topic. Whether or not you can write every day is, at least for this course, unimportant.

What's the price?

My suggested price is $200 USD. If you think the course is worth more, you are welcome to pay more. If you feel that you can't do $200 but you want to take the course, you are welcome to pay what you can. I only ask that you pay enough to make it count.